Book Tests Legendary Filmmakers Friendship; Spielberg vs. Scorsese – Lost Days Celebrities of the Day

Spielberg Fights Scorsese For Lost Days Film Rights

Steven Spielberg yanks a copy of Lost Days from Martin Scorsese and playfully declares “The film rights are mine, Marty.”  Scorsese was seen phoning his buddy Francis Ford Coppola immediately following this picture was taken and asking him if he could walk him through the “Making him an offer he can’t refuse” negotiation technique again.

I was asked what I thought about this development, but unfortunately, I was too busy testing the limits of Photoshop, and had no idea this was going on at the time.

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Michael Crichton Dead at 66

RIP Michael Crichton

RIP Michael Crichton

Horrible news.  Best-selling author Michael Crichton has passed away.  Nobody did medical/science thrillers better.  I’ve been trying to get on his website, but it must be jammed up with traffic because it won’t load.  You can try to visit for more details.

Stephen King & Peter Straub: THE TALISMAN a Short Film by Mathieu Ratthe

Okay, 98% of the stuff on Youtube is pure crap (including most of the videos I’ve uploaded).  Every once in a while you find a real gem.  Mathieu Ratthe is one of those gems.  He’s a filmmaker from Canada who appears to be using Youtube to audition is directorial talent.  And if I were king of Hollywood, I would snatch him up in a heartbeat.  He’s produced a piece that is a scene from Stephen King and Peter Straub’s novel, The Talisman.  It so well done I actually thought it was released by the studio until I read his comments:

The Talisman – “DEMO SCENE” is based on a novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub.My main objective for creating this piece is to demonstrate my directing ability and my vision to the producers who own the rights to the story: STEVEN SPIELBERG & KATHLEEN KENNEDY.

Among the key players who lent their support to this project are Cameron Bright (X-Men: The Last Stand, Birth) who starred in the leading role, the Montreal-based company Buzz Image (300; The Aviator) who created the visual effects. The scene was shot in two days.



Watch the video and judge for yourself.  Mr. Spielberg if you’re watching give Ratthe a call.  Matt if you’re reading this let’s talk about adapting my book for the screen.  My agent is in Toronto.  We’ll have lunch.

Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – $142 Million at the box office?

Industry estimates have the new Indiana Jones pulling in anywhere from $142 million and $175 million this weekend. It did $25 million on Thursday (memorial day weekend counts as a 5 day weekend. Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either). I’m no expert on the box office, but $30 million a day for a movie with this much hype is really not that much in my mind.

We shall see.

Track the box office here: Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily