Stop with the ridiculous false flag conspiracy theories!!!

This man's name is "Eugene" Rosen.  He lives in Newton, CT.  He is not an actor.  He's a man who stepped up and did the right thing, and now he's being harassed for it by "red flag truthers."

This man’s name is “Eugene” Rosen. He lives in Newtown, CT. He is not an actor. He’s a man who stepped up and did the right thing, and now he’s being harassed for it by “false flag truthers.”

Unfortunately, the Sandy Hook tragedy has uncovered an ugly side of America that is shameful and disheartening, and goes beyond the actual shooting.  It is the rise of the “false flag” brigade of “truthers,” a group filled with sociopaths and assault weapons apologists.  For those that don’t know, “false flag” is a term used by conspiracy theorists that identifies an event as being orchestrated by the US government in order to take rights away from American citizens.  And, “Truthers” are those people who think they’re smarter than the facts.

I get that some people don’t support any kind of gun control because they think it violates the 2nd Amendment.  I don’t necessarily agree, but at least it’s something we can discuss intelligently.  But, to latch on to this ridiculous “false flag” conspiracy theory because you don’t want to give the opposition any kind of leverage in the debate and you hate President Obama, is disgusting.  Normally I wouldn’t be so blunt, but this diseased theory is becoming a movement that is victimizing the Sandy Hook community all over again.

I’ve seen the “Sandy Hook Truther” videos. They are laughable.  The only thing they prove is that – surprise, surprise – there was a lot of confusion immediately following the shooting and the media reported a lot of erroneous information.  That’s it.  When you tell a father how to grieve, or you can’t accept the fact that a little girl is wearing her murdered sister’s dress, you do nothing but showcase you’re own delusions.

Can we please back away from the fantasies and have a real discussion?

Yahoo News has an excellent article about the damage and impact these theories are starting to have.  Why Sandy Hook Massacre Spawned Conspiracy Theories