Top This! The Worst Christopher Walken Impression Ever!

I’m in a mood today.  What mood?  One of those moods you can’t really describe, so I won’t even try.    Instead, allow me to pull out an old video in an attempt to totally humiliate myself.  First, some back story. I once had a job that required a lot of travel.  I spent hours in my car, and in those lonely hours, I became the world’s worst impressionist.  I actually developed a pathetic Jerry Seinfeld, a horrendous Woody Allen, and a ghastly Christopher Walken.   Not only that, for some odd reason that I can’t quite explain, I created a scenario where they were quarterbacks for a football team.  They’re down by 4 with time for just one more play.  As Walken says in the huddle, “A field goal won’t do!”

In the video below, I had this brilliant idea to pretend that Walken is my publisher, and he’s not happy with book sales.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my publisher, Christopher Walken.  BTW – If you’ve got any stones, you’ll post a video of your own Christopher Walken Impression.  C’mon you know you have one.  Everyone does.

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