Palin Related to Princess Diana and Barack Obama is related to Brad Pitt

I can see Russia from my cousin Sarahs house.

"I can see Russia from my cousin Sarah's house."

From the world of the mildly interesting, it turns out that GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin is related to Princess Dianna & Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  On the flip side, Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama is related to Dick Cheney and Brad Pitt.  My question is how small is this friggin’ planet?  Are we all related to each other?  No news on how all the candidates are connected to Kevin Bacon yet.  You can find out more about the candidates and their relations by clicking here:  Sarah Palin related to Princess Diana and Franklin D Roosevelt and here: Palin and Princess Diana Related.




Rumor of all Rumors!

The Democratic Ticket?

The Democratic Ticket?

Some political insiders are saying that John Kerry is on the top of Obama’s short list of vice presidential candidates.  How can a career senator on your ticket help bring change to Washington?   I’m guessing this rumor was floated to gauge the reaction.  So, will this help or hurt Obama?

Eight Belles’ Death – Could This Be An Omen For Hillary Clinton? – (Hey This Is How My Macabre Mind Works! What Do you Want? I Write Horror Novels!)

Long title I know, but I knew the headline would offend some people.  I felt I needed to explain myself.  It’s not me.  It’s my brain. 

Here’s the deal.  Hillary Clinton picked Eight Belles to win the Kentucky Derby.  Makes sense, and it was purely symbolic because it was a filly running in a race of stallions.  But the tragic events of the Kentucky Derby yesterday…. Well, talk about symbolism!

BTW – Obama picked the winner.  No word on whether McCain bet on Denis of Cork.     

Audio Proof That Bill Clinton is Terrified of Hillary

This is too funny!  I am the most non-political person you’ll ever meet.  Truth be known, elections depress me.  Way too much fighting and negative crap is thrown around, but this audio clip of Bill Clinton cracked me up.  He’s asked by the reporter (Susan Phillips) about his comments on race in South Carolina months ago.  He gives the typical explanation that doesn’t really explain anything, but the funny part is what he says when he thinks he’s no longer being recorded.  “You don’t think I’ll catch sh*t for that do you?”  LOL! Even former presidents are afraid of their wives!