Guillermo del Toro – Lost Days Celebrity of the Day

Guillermo del Toro hugs his favorite book Lost Days.

Upon hearing that Spielberg and Scorsese are fighting over the film rights for Lost Days, Guillermo del Toro proclaims, “Dude, did you see Pan’s Labyrinth?  I could totally rock this book and the entire Oz Chronicles series, too!”  To which I say, “Yes you could, Mr. del Toro.  Yes you could.”

Of course, I said this after spending a few quality minutes playing around with Photoshop.

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Peter Jackson look-alike Guillermo del Toro to direct ‘Hobbit’

Seriously, do they have a weight and facial hair requirement for directing movies based on Tolkien novels. If so, I should put in my application. This movie will no doubt make half a billion at the box office, and win all sorts of awards for it’s visual effects. Del Toro is a great director. I really enjoyed Pan’s Labyrinth. More so than The Lord of The Ring movies. You can find the article here: Guillermo del Toro to direct ‘Hobbit.’ I found this one excerpt particularly interesting:

With Del Toro blocking out four years for the project, it’s likely that the studios are aiming at starting shooting next year and releasing the films in late 2011 and 2012.

Four years!? Any guesses on how much he’s getting paid and if he’s buying or renting in New Zealand?