Is Kim Jong-il Dead?

 Some crazy reports are coming out that everyone’s favorite pyscho dictator, Kim Jong-il, is dead.  Not only are they claiming that North Korea’s doughy dogmatic despot is dead, but that he’s actually been dead for five years.  A veteran Japanese expert on North Korea says Jong-il died from complications related to diabetes in 2003.  A series of body doubles have been filling in for him during public events.  Could one of them be Mad Tv’s own Bobby Lee

Wow!  First the Panthers beat the Chargers and now this.  Things are looking up.

The Lion Video With Almost 7 Million Views in a Little Over 30 Days

This video has taken off like… well a lion chasing a zebra. Be warned. It’s not for everybody. It has moved many viewers to tears it’s so terrifying.

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50,000 Estimated Dead in Burma Cyclone

How is this story not bigger? From the TimesOnline:

Foreign aid workers in Burma have concluded that as many as 50,000 people died in Saturday’s cyclone, and two to three million are homeless, in a disaster whose scale invites comparison with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

I am painfully uninformed about cyclones. I found this amateur video on Youtube: