An Oz Chronicle fan pets a unicorn right before he beats it to death with a piece of paper.

I think some of you misunderstood my post about selling more books than Stephenie Meyer this year.  I stated that unicorns would go extinct if I didn’t sell more books than the sparkling vampire queen.  Some how this has been translated into me encouraging fans of The Oz Chronicles to kill unicorns.  PLEASE DO NOT KILL UNICORNS!  I was simply saying the unicorns would die out of sadness if I didn’t sell more books than Stephenie Meyer this year.  Or the unicorns will be so enraged that they will go out on a murdering rampage that will make it necessary to kill them in self defense.   So the easiest thing to do here to save a unicorn is to buy an Oz Chronicle book. 

BTW – For those of you haven’t read the Oz Chronicle books, there are absolutely no unicorns in the book.  They just hate sparkling vampires that don’t have fangs and for some reason remain in high school even though they’re like 100 years old… and in fact aren’t really vampires.

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