Lost Days Proof Update – Your first peek at Book Four of the Oz Chronicles

I got the proof for Lost Days yesterday, and I made a last minute change, and it added about 30 pages to the book. Since I have had so many inquiries about The Land of the Dead; Book Four of the Oz Chronicles, I decided to include the first two and half chapters of the book at the back of Lost Days. I feel bad for making you all wait so long, and I realize I left you hanging at the end of Book Three. You’ve been extremely patient, and I just wanted you to get a little bit of Oz. I love Lost Days, but Oz is my boy.  I’m hoping to have the proof by the end of the week, and unless there are in glaring errors, I’ll put in for a shipment of Advance Reader Copies.  If you want an ARC, don’t forget to join the Lost Days Group on Facebook.

I’m getting really pumped about this release!  Can’t wait to get your feedback.

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