Biden Keeps Pluggin’ Away

Biden Hadcorn Rows Before Cornrows Were Cool.

Biden Had Cornrows Before Cornrows Were Cool.

Biden?  Really?  Huh… how anti-climatic.  I think Obama should have held out for someone with better hair plugs.  This was not the change I was hoping for.  I think Obama should have pulled an end around on McCain and picked Lieberman as his VP.

Rumor of all Rumors!

The Democratic Ticket?

The Democratic Ticket?

Some political insiders are saying that John Kerry is on the top of Obama’s short list of vice presidential candidates.  How can a career senator on your ticket help bring change to Washington?   I’m guessing this rumor was floated to gauge the reaction.  So, will this help or hurt Obama?



Christine Todd Whitman – May not be conservative enough for the base, but I don’t know if there’s anything McCain can do to bring back the base.  She’s still popular in New Jersey.  She left the Bush administration early enough not to be tainted, and she’s an environmentalist.

There you have it.  The perfect Dem Ticket (see yesterday’s post), and the perfect GOP Ticket.