One of my best-reviewed books is currently free


IT'S FREE!!!!! (For a limited time)

IT’S FREE!!!!! (For a limited time)

The Man Who Saved Two Notch is currently free in (or on) the Kindle store right now.  I feel sorry for Two Notch because it doesn’t get a lot of virtual space because The Oz Chronicles takes up so much room, but it is one of my best-reviewed books on Amazon.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have released it as a C. Hoyt Caldwell book, and maybe some day I will.  Here’s the latest review that was posted on Amazon yesterday.

Damn fine western, May 2, 2014

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Man Who Saved Two Notch (Kindle Edition)
Story? Check. Mystery? Check. Death, gore, twang and riveting action? Yep, got that too. A post apocalyptic western, original and amazing. A can’t put down book. It even has a bear in it. You know you want to find out why…
Get it while it can get got.

Want to win a prize? I’m celebrating the release of The Man Who Saved Two Notch on Kindle!

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My agent gave me his ok to release The Man Who Saved Two Notch on Kindle.  This is a common tactic by authors of almost every ilk these days.  Release the book on Kindle, generate some buzz and hopefully get picked up by a big publishing house.  To date, I haven’t created enough buzz to warrant more than careful consideration from the Big Six (although with the addition of Amazon to the publishing mix, some people have started calling it the Big Seven.).

So, I want to do my part to generate bigger buzz (Can buzz be bigger?).  In the past, I’ve done drawings in which I gave away a Kindle.  I’m going to do another drawing.  My plan was to switch it up and give away an iPad 2, but Apple forbids anyone from giving away iPads or iPhones without getting their lawyers involved. They can bite me.  So, I’m going to ask for your input on the prize this time.  Vote in my poll and pick the prize for the drawing!  Oh, and if you’re a Kindle-ite, click on the image of the cover to buy the Kindle version of The Man Who Saved Two Notch.

Update and Another Song for The Man Who Saved Two Notch

Posts have been few and far between the last week here for a variety of reasons.  Primarily, I am finishing up the first edit and rewrite of my new novel The Man Who Saved Two Notch, and I figured since I had the story in front me, I’d go head and write the screenplay, too.  I’ve never successfully adapted one of my books to screenplay.  I’ve written 12 screenplays (none produced, one semi-finalist in the Nicholl Fellowships), but adapting one of my novels to screenplay hasn’t come easy to me.  So far, I’ve had a easier time of it with The Man Who Saved Two Notch.

I’d also like to create a graphic novel and video game for the book, but I have no idea where to start with those particular formats. If anyone has any ideas, email me or Facebook me or whatever it is you do in this online social networking world.   I’ll leave you with another song from my The Man Who Saved Two Notch virtual soundtrack (Meaning, there is no official soundtrack.  This is the music that reminds me of the book).

This is Jeffrey Foucault singing John Prine’s classic That’s the Way the World Goes Round.