Cannibal’s dinner calls police!

Say what you want about chickens, but they’ve never ratted me out to the cops for eating them.  Here’s the scenario.  A Slovakian man placed an online ad “seeking someone who would agree to be killed, cooked and eaten.”  World’s worst personal ad, right?  I mean there’s no mention of long walks on the beach or romance or what kind of books our lovely cannibal likes to read. 

Surprisingly, a Swiss man answered the ad.  Why?  He thought it was just some macabre fantasy, and technically, it was.  Turns out the man who placed the ad was actually looking for a companion he could kill, cook and eat.  The would-be dinner called the Swiss police, and the cannibal was promptly arrested after a brief shootout.  A cop and the cannibal were wounded. 

So many questions come to mind, but the biggest one of all is what do you think it says about you when you have slipped so far down the fetish sinkhole that you actually answer an ad to be eaten?  It doesn’t really matter that you thought it was just a “fantasy.”  Here’s a thought.  If you find yourself answering a cannibal’s ad, whether you think it’s real or not, you may need professional help, and I don’t mean of the culinary kind.

You can read the entire story on the Sun’s website: Come die with me

BTW: Here’s a note of warning.  I wanted to include an image for this post so I binged “Cannibal Fetish.”  Never have I felt more regret.  The emotional scars from those images will linger for a long, long time!