My Latest CreateSpace post – Getting to know your characters

Here’s my latest contribution to the CreateSpace blog.  As always, be sure to join the community if you want to get some excellent advice on writing, publishing, filmmaking, music, virtually anything creative.  There are a lot of great people to connect with and learn from.

A taste of my latest post: Start a Dialogue with Your Characters

I use the word “uncover” deliberately. I think it’s important for you to approach the task of creating and building your characters from the viewpoint of a complete stranger. Flesh them out from scratch. Sometimes, if you go into character creation with the idea that you know that character already, you overlook the nuances that clearly define him/her and miss the opportunity to give the character real depth.

I write for another blog. Check it out!

Building your author brand

For some reason, I’ve neglected to link to my other writing gig on this blog.  Call it a brain glitch or laziness or whatever you feel is appropriate.  Especially if you feel it’s really necessary to belittle me and my writery ways.

I write for CreaeSpace’s community blog.  My original posts usually go up twice a week; Monday and Wednesday.  And, I post links to blog and news items on Tuesday and Friday.  If you’re interested in what I have to say about writing and marketing on a regular basis you can check out CreateSpace’s Resources page on those days.  In addition, I’ve decided to post a link here whenever my posts go live.

This weeks post is Evaluating Your Author Brand. Without ruining the ending for you, I give sage (or the spice of your choice) advice on how to evaluate your online persona.  Or put another way, Author know thyself!

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