The songs on The Man Who Saved Two Notch’s virtual soundtrack so far

Here are the songs that I’ve included on my The Man Who Saved Two Notch Virtual soundtrack.  If you like any of the songs, I encourage you to help the artists out and buy the song or better yet, the entire album.  They haven’t read or endorsed The Man Who Saved Two Notch, but their songs remind me of the tone and feel of the book.

Murder in the City by the Avett Brothers


Rye Whiskey by the Punch Brothers


John Prine’s classic That’s the Way the World Goes Round performed by Jeffrey Foucault


Goodbye by Steve Earle


The Cave by Mumford and Sons


Old Devils by William Elliott Whitmore


Woe is me, I’m ruined by The Lonely Forest


Dream a Little Dream performed by Eddie Vedder




Red Hot Chili Peppers – Writing Music of Choice for Today!

Going old school today, and listening to Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I heard an interview with Flea on NPR the other day, and it reminded me what  a great band they are.  So, I’ve been on an RHCP kick ever since.  BTW – while the band went on a two year hiatus, Flea studied music theory at USC and learned to play the piano.  Imagine that.  He’s considered one of the greatest bass players in music today, and he’s still learning.  Good on you, Flea.  He’s says he’s going to do a solo project, Flea on Bach.

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A Novel and Its Music

I got a question yesterday about the theme song for Délon City, and I have to say I really had to think long and hard about the answer.  I’ve been asked what music I listen to when I write, but no one has ever asked me what song fits one of my books.   I listen to a variety of music when I write.  I’m a big fan of Delta Blues and Southern Rock, but the band I come back to over and over again as I write the Oz Chronicles is Pink Floyd. 

The Oz Chronicles is about a kid who has caused seemingly endless destruction, and all he wants to do is atone for his wrongdoings and go home.  A lot of Pink Floyd’s music is about being lost and struggling to find your place in a world you don’t agree with, so it seems like a natural fit.

Now, I realize that Pink Floyd isn’t exactly on top of today’s music charts, and I’ve actually been laughed at in schools when the kids ask me what kind of music I like.  One girl even offered me a sympathetic hug when I told the class what kind of music I like.  She felt so sorry for me for being so incredibly unhip.  I respectfully declined and assured her that I felt comfortable with my level coolness. 

My music track for Oz and the gang doesn’t have to be yours as the reader.  You can and should have your own soundtrack for this book and every book you read.  No soundtrack at all is even acceptable.  For some reason, people always closely associate music with books.  I don’t always listen to music when I write. I’ve even been known to watch football on TV while I write.  Having said that, here is my sound track for the Oz books so far (all Pink Floyd):

The Takers: Goodbye Blue Sky  

Délon City: Wish You Were Here

The Pure: Comfortably Numb

Land of the Dead: Is There Anybody Out There

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Son House and some Downhearted Blues

For my money, Son House was the greatest Blues man that ever lived.  I can listen to him all day.  It is my favorite writing music.  He was a Baptist preacher for awhile, and then, like any respectable Blues man in the backwoods of Mississippi in the 20’s and 30’s, sinning got the best of him.  He had a big influence on Robert Johnson, the man a lot of people consider the greates Blues guitarist ever, but if you ask me, it’s House.  Here’s a rare full-color video clip of House playing Downhearted Blues: