Before Breaking Bad – Aaron Paul, Come on down! You’re our next contestant on The Price is Right!

Before Aaron Paul became Walter White’s right hand man on Breaking Bad, he was a huge, loveable goofball on The Price is Right. It’s safe to say that Bob Barker was both terrified and smitten by the future drug kingpin.

The cutest animal that will terrify you

The hamster horror!

BTW – I’ve owned every small, fuzzy aquarium pet you can buy and here they are in order of “regrets that ever I tried to pick them up, and offer them unconditional love.”

1. Gerbil – Bites the second you lay a hand on it.
2. Hamster – Bites once you’ve cleared it of it’s enclosure.
3. Mice – Sniffs around your hand briefly, lulls you into a false sense of security and then bites the crap out of you.
4. Guinea Pig – May give you a nip when you try to put it back in its enclosure.
5. Rat – I’ve owned a couple of pet rats, and they’ve never bitten me. They are actually highly intelligent and very trainable. It’s as easy to train a rat as it is to train a dog. I have no regrets that I ever owned rats.

A Powerful anti-bullying video

I can’t remember who brought this video to my attention, but it has stuck with me since I saw it. Frankly, this is what Youtube was made for, to get messages like this out there. I’m drawn to the topic of bullying since in essence that is what my Oz Chronicles books are about (a bully dealing with the the hell he created).

Speaking of Oz – Book Six is coming. I promise. I’m on it. The closer I get to completion the less time I’ll have to post Lou’s diary entries, so it’s a good thing… no really, it is.

I’ve also got to do a better job of posting on this blog. I’ll be posting more and more over the next weeks and months, They may be short and useless posts, but hey, aren’t those the best blog posts?